Battered Faith

Battered Faith: A Warrior’s Journey from Depression to Destiny

  • By Cheryl Christopher | ISBN 9780648441069 

Lydia’s husband was meant to be her lover and protector, but she ended up seeking protection from him. Marrying Richard, a future pastor had thrown Lydia into ten secretly anguishing years of abuse, deception, depression and almost into insanity. 

Only she knew of his affairs, his addiction to pornography and love of money, but even the mention of spousal abuse and infidelity was taboo and she was silenced to submit to her husband-whatever the circumstance.

Her will to live began to hang by a thread, and as a Christian, Lydia had to choose between her marriage or her life.

For her, home became a battlefield and her mind became a monster.

She was left battered…was the Bible her only way out?

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