What’s in a name?

BaG is a simple acronym meaning to Bring and Give…

in a bag!

The idea was born when little kids as young as 5 and 6 years old told me that they wanted socks and undies for Christmas.

It doesn’t feel right when kids don’t ask for legos or barbies but the necessities.  Poverty takes a different form in first world countries. It’s not as obvious as it might be in third world countries.

BaG then decided to gift new socks and undies to kids and the collection has moved to toys, books and articles of clothing.

We also watched parents unable to afford the school activity or stationery costs for all their children, and if they managed to scrape money together, it meant the family went without food for a few days.

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BaG was in the local news as well. Read about it here.

BaG aims to close the affordability chasm that continues to grow.

BaG was the result of leaving an abusive relationship with an option to stay bitter and hateful about what happened to or be grateful for what I was left with. There were women and children who were in worse conditions and in 2016 BaG was born.

BaG aims to reach out to the more vulnerable demographic and provide the basics of food and clothes that they deserve.

Here at BaG (Bring and Give), we are driven by a single goal; to not turn a blind eye to those in need.

BaG wants to empower women and the vulnerable kids by building a network of support within the local community.